14 Child Stars Who Retired Surprisingly Early


Most of us dream of being able to retire early. We watch the clock tick slowly by imaging being on our own house boat in Nova Scotia or golfing the greenest greens in Scotland, or running a vineyard in Tuscany. But while we can only dream of retiring early and doing whatever we want, some people actually do it.

The following child stars retired very early from the spotlight and the promise of big paychecks. It’s hard to imagine what was going through their minds, why they would want to walk away from it all and leave behind such a lucrative career.



Mara Wilson

Did you just say to yourself, “I remember her, from Mrs. Doubtfire?” Yes, Mara was in several films in her childhood but is most remembered for playing Robin Williams’ youngest daughter in that hit film. But at a young age, Wilson decided to leave the spotlight because, as she describes, acting was “not fun.” She now focuses on writing fiction for young adults.


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