15 Celebrities Who Retired Early


Many people dream of retiring early. Like us, celebrities also dream of retiring early and leaving all the fame behind. While we only think about it, there are a few famous personalities who have actually done it. Although, the limelight offers huge benefits, these benefits come at a price, and they can be too big for some celebrities. It can be due to this reason or for various other reasons that few stars choose to retire early from their famous life. They opt to live quietly and do nothing or pursue a different profession.

The following 15 celebrities retired early from their lucrative career path, walked away from the spotlight, and went ahead with their retiring dreams.

1. Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is known for his sketch comedy shows.. His popular comic drama, the Chappelle Show is loved by his fans. However, after completing two seasons of his show, Chappelle decided to retire, much to the dismay and confusion of his enormous fan base. The controversy surrounding his abrupt retirement decision claimed that it was due to ethical reasons. This was true as the comedian said his audience cannot draw the correct message from his skits. After this, he stayed away from the public eye for several years and indulged in charitable endeavors in Africa. Though, recent appearances in standup comic and talk shows suggest that he might be returning pretty soon.

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