15 Highest-Paid Retired Athletes  


There are rich people in every field. Similarly, athletes also earn huge bucks. But, how much do they earn after their retirement. Do famous personalities keep up with their income even after retirement or do they earn much less and fell broke? We have compiled a list of 15 athletes who have the highest-paid income, even after their retirement. The term ‘retired’ should not be taken too seriously with these sportspersons, since they all are engrossed in their post-playing careers.


No matter, what they are doing, these former athletes certainly know how to market themselves and use their hard-earned dollars well in their winter of life. These athletes include basketball legends, former football players, American footballers, tennis players, and golfers, who fall between the age brackets of 33 and 85 years. Their income estimate include their salaries, licensing, endorsements, speaking, appearances, book deals, golf design, as well as production contracts till now. It does not include their investment income.

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