The 15 Richest People in South Africa and the Secret Behind Their Wealth


South Africa has become one of the most stable and fastest developing counties on the African continent. Numerous South African businesses have grown into worldwide conglomerates and there are several billionaires living in the country today. Take a look at how some of the richest people in South Africa climbed the ladder of success.

Markus Jooste

$400 Million

Markus Jooste is the CEO of Steinhoff International. He joined the company in 1988 after he engineered the sale of a South African retail chain to the German owners of Steinhoff. He then worked his way through the company to turn it into “Africa’s Ikea” and the second largest retailer of household goods in Europe. In 2014 Steinhoff International purchased another company, Pepkor Holdings, which added clothing to their list of offerings.

Gus Attridge

$410 Million

Gus Attridge co-founded Aspen Pharmacare with Stephen Sadd in 1997. He was the Deputy CEo and therefore owns a 4% stake in the company. Today Aspen Pharmacare is the fifth largest generic drugmaker in the world. It went through a massive expansion in 2013 to turn the company into an even biggest powerhouse. Aspen Pharmacare now has factories all over the world including in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Mexico and South Africa.

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