Celebs Who “Un” Retired And Are Back In The Game


Stardom and fame can be overwhelming, especially when you have already racked up millions of dollars and endless glory. Therefore, it is not surprising that some celebrities decide to walk away from the fortune game. They choose to retire early and take a step back from their high profile lives and current profession, in order to spend a low profile lifestyle, try some other vocation, or pursue their hobbies.

No matter what their reasons are for early retirement, these celebrities also quickly come back into the limelight. There are a few stars who just cannot give up the fame, even after claiming that their career is over. They make plans to retire and then shortly return to where they were before. These stars return in the game as fast as they leave. Have a look at 15 such celebrities who ‘un’ retired and then came back in the game.

1. Muhammad Ali

Most of all the celebrities, especially boxers and athletes, are infamous for not being able to stay retired. One of them is Muhammad Ali. The Greatest retired at the age of 37, while in 1979 he was still holding the heavyweight belt. He returned the next year, in order to wrestle and get defeated by Larry Holmes. Ali fought the last time in Dec, 1981, where he lost a 10-round verdict to Trevor Berbick.

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