The 10 Richest Countries in the World


In 2015, Global Finance Magazine ranked the wealthiest countries in the world based upon their GDP per capita. The analysis also included the Purchasing Power Parity which takes into account the cost of living and the inflation rate within the countries in order to compare the living standards. All but the most smallest countries like Andorra and Monaco were included in the study.

1. Qatar

GDP per capita $105,091.42

Qatar is currently considered to be the most advanced Arab state for human development. It has the highest per capita income in the world and is backed by the world’s third largest natural gas and oil reserves. The country is so wealthy that approximately 14% of households are dollar millionaires but it relies heavily on migrant workers to build its economy. Currently 84% of the population are migrant workers.

2. Luxembourg

GDP per capita $79,593.91

Luxembourg is a high income market economy which has moderate growth and low levels of inflation. It also has traditional low levels of unemployment and is ranked 13th on the Heritage Foundations’ Index of Economic Freedom. The average salary in Luxembourg is double the average salary in the U.S. which means that there are more specialized workers and education which help propel the country forward economically.

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